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add prices for japan imports

tigerclh73 4 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 19

Your guide is good but needs improvements . There is no price-charting for japan games , japan consoles , commodore , amiga , trs 80 color computer , There is even more . Why do a job only half way ?

sales 2 years ago

Famicom & Super Famicom games have been added now:

I'm going to close this issue as finished.  Please add new requests for specific consoles you'd like to see added so I can prioritize the next Japanese import consoles to add.


save price paid for games in my collection

tatlock29 3 years ago updated by Fayez Fawzi 7 months ago 20

I'd like to save how much I paid for a game when I add it to my collection.

sales 9 months ago

Chart the historic prices for my collection

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 1 year ago 6

Like you do for games, show a historic chart of the collection's value over time.

sales 1 year ago

This is live.  You can view your historic collection values in a graph on every collection page.  We had data going back to middle of November 2018 and we record the value on a weekly basis.

View your collection value:

Get started with a new collection:


Support International Shipping on Marketplace

sales 5 years ago updated 2 months ago 9
Support shipping to international users on the marketplace instead of just limiting it to users in USA.
sales 8 months ago

Users in the UK can now buy and sell on the marketplace.

All listings where the buyer and seller are from the UK include free shipping. Transactions across borders will have the shipping cost automatically calculated.

This brings marketplace support to USA, Canada, and UK.


Wish list

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 8

I think it would be handy to have a wish list option.  And then when you finally own that game you can transfer it to your collection list.  I have a pretty extensive list of games I want.  Would be nice to have a separate list for that.

sales 2 years ago

This is live on the site now.

You can click '+Wishlist' button to add an item to your wishlist on any search, browse by console, or game page.

View your wishlist here

Share you wishlist with others so they know what  games you want.

And when you add a game to a collection, it is automatically removed from your wishlist.


Show a % of How many Games of a Specific Console I own

goguenator 2 years ago updated by Shaggy 2 weeks ago 8

Actually showing a % of what I own compared to how many games were made for that console. Per Example: 388 Games were Made in the US and I own 85 of them it will then show 21% of the whole collection I own, also for it to tell me what I still need to complete the set.


Allow Paypal for payment on the marketplace

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 25
Let buyers pay with paypal on the marketplace
sales 3 years ago

Paypal is now live on the marketplace for all buyers and sellers.

You can buy games with your existing Paypal account or checkout as a guest if you don't have one.

If you want to sell games, you can connect your Paypal account to PriceCharting and start selling. We will accept payments on your behalf and funds will be deposited directly to your Paypal account.


Add the ability to watch marketplace listings

sales 5 years ago updated 12 months ago 2

Let me 'watch' a listing so I can keep track of it when I come back to the site.


Add strategy guide prices

Anonymous 3 years ago updated 3 months ago 6

It would be nice to find out what guides are worth so no one gets scalped. Also would be nice to catalog as a collection.  Some of the Nintendo Player's guides are quite valuable now.


Add ability to suggest missing items to database

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 10 months ago 33

Pricecharting has an excellent database, but it's not perfect. I've come across several items just in my collection that aren't available on the site, yet they're easy to find on eBay for price checking. The Master Gear for example is missing and I can't find a replace to recommend a new listing to track it. A quick way to suggest a missing item would be a great asset.

sales 1 year ago

This tool is live for all users with contributor privileges.

After you use it, please give us any feedback to improve it.