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Add ability to suggest missing items to database

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 33

Pricecharting has an excellent database, but it's not perfect. I've come across several items just in my collection that aren't available on the site, yet they're easy to find on eBay for price checking. The Master Gear for example is missing and I can't find a replace to recommend a new listing to track it. A quick way to suggest a missing item would be a great asset.

sales 2 years ago

This tool is live for all users with contributor privileges.

After you use it, please give us any feedback to improve it.


Add Complete Coverage on PAL Games

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 1 year ago 21

Add PAL games for all mainj consoles (SEGA, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox)


Allow sorting of search results by price

sales 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 6
Let me sort the search results by price from highest to lowest. Like you do for the console pages.
sales 4 years ago

This is now live. You can sort search results by the loose price from highest to lowest.

Try it out on the Mario Kart search results by changing the 'Sort by' selector.


Add pictures of Cartridges and Discs

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 7

Show photos of the actual cartridge/disc on the website.  This would help identify games we have and spot reproductions too.

sales 2 years ago

The capability to add these to the site is live now.  We are working on  getting more of these cart and disc photos (and circuit board photos too).

You can see an example of this here:

You can click '+ 2 more photos' link by the cover art or scroll down to to the images.

Contributors to the site can also add their own photos if we don't have them yet.


Neo Geo needs to be broken out by sub platform

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 9

On Price Charting, the Neo Geo platform is listed altogether under one heading. However, games were actually offered in three formats - AES (Home Cartridge), MVS (Arcade Cartridge), and CD.

The pricing for a given title varies dramatically across the three formats - Pulstar for example can be roughly $50 on CD, $200 on MVS, and $2000 on AES. Price Charting's Neo Geo section is essentially useless right now because it isn't clear which sub format it's following.

sales 3 years ago

This is done.  All Neo Geo games are broken out by MVS and AES.

You can see all the AES games here:

We will be adding Neo Geo CD later.


Allow us to add a game to a list

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 11 months ago 9

Sometimes a new or old game won't be listed under a platform library, letting us add the game to the list could make it more complete. Value should be left up to the market, but a user may have an obscure, or overlooked title to add to the list. For instance Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Director's Cut just saw a limited US release, through Toys R US, and Walmart. While there presently are no aftermarket auctions of note, it would be nice to see it listed under Wii U games even though it presently has no aftermarket value.

sales 11 months ago

Users with contribution privileges on the site can add missing games:

We've added all Japanese and PAL consoles to the site too so you can add missing imports as well.


Add prices for Japanese Nintendo 64 games

sales 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 7

Add a list of Japanese Nintendo 64 games and keep track of their prices

sales 1 year ago
Under review

Add reviews / ratings / stars or whatever to your pricing info!

Jasper Coyote 4 years ago updated by sales 4 months ago 6

It would be great to see an average "review" scores on games on your website, such as Amazon or Metacritic provide. You might be able to screen-scrape review ratings from those sources. I would love to see both pricing info & basic overall review scores! That way, I'd know to keep a 4.5 star game worth $2, but ditch a 1 star game that's worth $100 for some odd reason. I often buy games in bulk, and it's difficult to decide to keep games or sell them. I often don't care much about "collectibility"...I only want good, fun games in my collection. I'll sell the bad ones that are worth money.


Sort prices high to low or low to high in the marketplace.

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Eldgrim 5 years ago 1

Need to be able to sort high to low or low to high because I am cheap!


Add MSX Games

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 10 months ago 51

Please add MSX games.  It was very popular in Europe and Japan and the games are quite rare and valuable.

sales 10 months ago

All of these have been added now.




I didn't add PAL MSX2 because there were no games on that list before 2000.  I'm guessing they were only homebrew games instead of licensed releases.

We will automatically look for past sales for these games over the next few day.  Then we will look for completed listings for them as well.  Prices will populate as we find sales data.

Please spread the word in the MSX community :)

Let me know if there is any further feedback or improvements needed.