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Option to change to Uk version of amazon and ebay

Anonymous 5 years ago 0
I love your webpage !!! But since I am based in the UK I find it quite difficult to use since there isn't option to look up the games on the UK version of amazon or ebay. Is it possible that you add an option to change where from the algorithm is getting the information so we can use the webpage in Uk as well please?

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Anonymous 4 months ago updated by sales 4 months ago 2

eBay lot bot doesn't offer the correct pricing ever and when typing up exactly what the game says for being on the box it doesn't come up for example NES PLAY ACTION FOOTBALL CIB IS the game name not PLAY ACTION FOOTBALL no NES is part of the title as well. And Furthermore The reason why this is a issue is for one ebay doesn't know of this and Furthermore it says to people how much they save and Furthermore when it's not listed there correctly for anyone who is listing game's I suggest you update your crappy software Furthermore if eBay doesn't approve of this type of thing and the consumer affairs said if I pay for a certain amount of money for a website that isn't fulfilling the agreement then why continue to give them ex amount of money when they are not that proficient in their bases of information.....


Need a "New Nintendo 3ds" category

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Ahiru 2 years ago 2

Just saying that is its technically a new generation console that needs its own category. Right now there are more consoles than NN3DS Games but there is 1 out there that will ONLY play on the NN3DS. =)


price guide for DVD movies

Anonymous 4 years ago 0

I had a bunch of dvds and I was wondering wat the movies were selling for. Can you add a movie price guide to this site.


Digital download prices please

Anonymous 5 years ago updated 5 years ago 1

I want to see how these prices compare to directly downloading games off PSN / XBox Live, as I'm seeing better and better deals digitally now...thank you.


Give buyer choice of shipping options (tracking, insurance) for an extra fee

Anonymous 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Many potential buyers request things like tracking and insurance, but the current fees that we charge for shipping is insufficient to meet those demands.


Offer a standardized return policy

Anonymous 5 years ago 0
Have a sitewide standard return policy that sellers should offer. Something like "30 day money back" or something else so buyers know that sellers offer at least this much of a guarantee.

Could you do this for other collectibles: coins, paper money, tokens, medals. There is definite demand out there! At present I am paying US$100 per year for price information on foreign paper money.

Paul Neumann 3 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 3

There is no one site with all pricing information for auction/ebay results for numismatic items.


Cell phones, consoles and tablets

Anonymous 5 years ago 0

In addition to games, I am also interested in getting buyback and sale prices on used cell phones, video game consoles and tablets from Gamestop, Gazelle, and other sources. Is this something you might be able to do?