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UK users ( we are no small number ) - [PAL] seeker

Anonymous 1 year ago updated by sales 1 year ago 1

So tired of [NTSC] - I didn't realise this was Solely an American & Canadian venture.

deals pop-up that are like' bamboo splinters' 

- I'm not the perfectionist -

- just the cart / disc - will do -

need a [PAL][JAP][NTSC] filter - ASAP.


Add MarketPlace for digital games steam origin keys etc

Christos Ch 1 year ago 0

It would be very useful to buy or sell digital goods from your marketplace


bulk edit

Anonymous 1 year ago 0

Allow to bulk edit things in the collection, having to check things for every game gets tiresome with a big collection.

Also allow to easily change a game version from NTSC to PAL or JAP, since when I imported my collection it was added as NTSC even tough most of them are PAL.


Adding more ideas to your July 2019 survey

Anonymous 1 year ago 0

Price Charting is a great tool, but it's at a scale now where you could add a few more features:
1 - Consider adding your own buying/selling feature where buyers & sellers can transact at a lower fee than e-bay;

2 - Consider allowing users to add games (such as PAL) and game accessories to the database (or at least add as a selling feature) that are not already in the database; and

3 - Consider giving collectors/sellers options (i.e.--pull-down menus) to look at e-bay averages in different perspectives.  For example:

What if I choose to take out the highest and lowest e-bay sale price to see what the selling-price average would be then. This helps me to determine a fair offering bid from the buyer.  Or what if I wish to see e-bay sales within a certain date range.

All these options would allow collectors/sellers to determine what they consider to be the fairest bid or asking price. 


Add Digital Games in Collection

Anonymous 1 year ago 0

The ability to add the digital version of a game (maybe a "Digital" checkbox next to Game, Box & Manual?) and have the value stay at $0 to not mess with the value of your collection. This would also be great to avoid buying duplicates.


List past MSRPs for games

Anonymous 1 year ago 0

It would be useful for posterity if all official MSRPs for games were listed and the dtate that it changed on. Say a game released for $59.99, but then after a year or so, it officially dropped to $19.99. Now, a collector's edition of a game, is a much more complicated subject as they don't have that standardized $59.99 price. It later becomes a lot of work trying to find what it was originally sold for, usually having to rely on the random review that happened to mention the price. It would be much more helpful if a single location, like Price Charting, were to collect and show that data.


See other user's collections

Anonymous 1 year ago updated by sales 1 year ago 2

Being able To browse other user's collections would be quite nice.  Make other users findable on the site but let people opt-out of this feature if they want.


Add the commodore 128 as a system

Anonymous 3 years ago 0

I just feel it doesn’t get enough love


There is no page for ESPN NFL 2k5 for ps2

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 1
sales 3 years ago