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For my notes.  Full console list for Analogue is here:

Maybe add these to their own set like "Specialty Consoles" or add each one to the console it plays.  NT Mini = NES and Mega SG = Sega

The sniper is working for me with PAL consoles from eBay UK.  Do you see deals if you have all consoles selected?

It should load in updates every couple of minutes.  

Do you have all default settings the same in terms of $ minimum savings and all boxes checked?

I like the idea.  I'll think about this more while I wait and see how popular this is with other users.  Thanks.

This is live on the site.  You can click 'Set Default' on your collection page and one-click additions will use that condition/includes instead of 'Loose'.

Your welcome.  I needed to post the answer to this request so thanks for reminding me about it.

Thank you for the concern and sorry for any problems using the site.  This issue is related to something else though and has been fixed for most users now and will be fixed for all users in the next couple days.  We had to update our database for some items in collections.  

Scrolling doesn't actually cause any additional burden on the site but it is easier for users.

You can add these games now.

You might need to wait 24 hours for the console to be selectable when adding a new product.  I will let users add these games themselves until we see how popular this is with other users.