Show Random Games For Sale On The Front Page

Anonymous 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 1

Is there any way to display random games for sale, by different buyers, on the front page? There are times I list a few games, and then minutes later someone posts dozens upon dozens of games, pushing my titles from the front page to many pages back. Doesn't seem fair if, when a buyer checks 'Newest Listings' that all he might see are games from one or two specific sellers.

This Marketplace is getting worse month after month. Even though many prices are lower than eBay's , there is no way to advertise our goods. The suggestion above makes perfect sense and would hopefully put all sellers on equal ground. Not having Paypal is a huge deterrent also. I can't even number how many potential buyers we've lost due to not having Paypal as an option. You only have one chance to make a good first impression, and many potential buyers leave, never to return. It's a hassle to look for games, and there are so many lazy sellers who are just using the stock photos which puts us all in a bad light. Even sellers who used to be reliable no longer respond to inquires. Seems many have just given up and left their goods for sale on the site, sometimes with orders going unfulfilled. We need random item listings on the front page badly. Buyers don't necessarily know what they are looking for, and will buy items that just happen to be listed (with proper pictures) on the front page. And then check out what else that cetain seller may have.