Create custom sets to collect against

sales 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 1

Create a tool for users to create a custom set or list.  Then let users collect against that list and see what they have in their collection and what they don't have yet.

Examples: a list of all licensed NES games, Mega Man home console games, games published by Konami, etc.


Could you also add a feature to calculate

the values of an entire set of games for a console (and have the option

to include or exclude variants and combo carts), or an entire set of

consoles, like every n64 released in the US? You could then quickly see

how much a complete set of games or consoles for a system is worth,

making buying and selling complete lot easier, and allowing people to

decide whether or not to pursue a complete set for a system based upon a

rough pricepoint for what they will be paying.