Combine game sniper and wanted list for notifications only

Anonymous 4 months ago updated by sales 4 months ago 2

I dont like receiving notifications for every game on my wanted list because most notifications are for over priced games. I have an extensive collection and I'm looking for very specific titles at a discount from ebay or the marketplace. Currently I get 60+ emails a day and 99% of them are overpriced games. Currently I find myself ignoring all notifications and I'm about to turn them off because they are not useful in their current state unless I'm willing to pay any price for a game. This will also alleviate the need to keep the game sniper page open 24/7 for blind deals that are irrelevant for what a collector needs.

I really like this idea it would really help me complete my NES collection. I hope the devs see this!

I saw this and I can see why it is useful.  I do hope to add something like this in the future.  The timing will depend on the vote totals vs other features and the development time to implement.