The future of Price Charting Marketplace

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I've seen the recent news of JJGames (the owner/operator of Price Charting) going out of business due to lack of people purchasing physical games. He had posted on his instagram the following:

"Thank you for 20 great years of gaming. I've been truly blessed as the owner of JJGames. JJGames.com started in my college dorm room and has provided for me and all our employees for many years. Unfortunately the gaming world has changed. Not as many people want physical games anymore. We aren't selling enough stuff to keep the lights on.⠀
Over the next few weeks we'll be liquidating all our games, consoles, and hardware. Prices will decrease every day until the stuff sells. Please check back every day for deals".

I've been a seller here since the beginning, and I do agree, that sales and just plain interest in retro games have taken a huge dive that last couple years. I used to make at least a couple sales a day, now I'm lucky to get 1 sale a month. I have a huge amount of retro games and consoles that I even try to sell through other outlets like Craigslist, OfferUp or Macari and it's more of the same. There is just a lack of interest. Due to shipping costs, you can only lower prices so much until it's just not even worth it. I mainly trade now via GameTZ, but even trades are few and far between.

I'm presuming that the Price Charting Marketplace will be shutting down? For JJGames was one of the major sellers here with the most stock.

I sure hope this website stays up though, for it is still a valuable resource for price trends in retro games, even though there are those who are not fans of JJGames. See the topic here:



PriceCharting will not be impacted by JJGames closing.  I have no plans to close the marketplace either.  JJGames will no longer sell there so there might be less available to buy.

PriceCharting prices and other features will not be impacted at all though.  The marketplace will have an indirect impact.