Boxed Consoles

Anonymous 5 months ago updated by sales 5 months ago 1

We have "Loose", "CIB", and "New" as options, but a lot of consoles that don't have the box still get included under "CIB" because they have all the accessories (as in controllers, AC adapters, and AV cords, so they're not "loose".

This throws off the price by A LOT (sometimes hundreds of dollars), I believe there needs to be an option of "Loose", "Loose with Accessories (LWA)", "CIB", and "New".

Either that or we included the consoles with the accessories under "Loose" as well.

Thanks for the idea.  We definitely want to fix these prices so only complete in box consoles are included.  

Can you give me some examples of this happening?  A link to our page with some mistaken sales.  That will help us figure this out and get them more accurate.