Is PriceCharting Marketplace "Dead in the Water"?

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 5 years ago 1

I was very excited to post my items here instead of eBay, but after posting dozens upon dozens of items the first day, and only a single sale, I'm beginning to think this marketplace might be 'dead in the water' if some things don't change. Could it be the addition of Paypal, or some sort of buyer security? I'm not sure what the solution is but it's still early so I'm hoping that it doesn't fail. Right now it reminds me more of a place to do business with other members (think GameTZ) than a true marketplace. One thing I don't want to see is the addition of imports. GameGavel is a disaster due to the huge flood of imports that drown out all other sales. I post items there and I'm lucky to get 1 sale per year. Is anything being done to raise awareness of this site? On GameGavel I used to direct my eBay customers there if they wanted my 'lower price'. It worked some of the time and I'll probably redirect them here in the future. Again, I'd love for this marketplace to succeed, but under it's present structure I'm not confident that it will. How has everyone else's sales here been?

Thanks for posting items on PriceCharting. I'm glad to hear about your excitement. I'll answer your question in a few ways.

A. We are only 3 days old. The marketplace just launched and so far we have had thousands of people to the site, roughly 17,000 items listed, and hundreds of items sold. We continue to add new features that users ask for like 'newly listed' games, browsing listings by console, and seeing full resolution images for all items (by clicking on image).

We will continue to add new features that users ask for. Like adding support for Canadian users and maybe Paypal.

B. We are doing marketing for the marketplace. We've posted about it and run ads on Facebook, contacting gaming sites, posted on forums, and emailed contacts.

We would love help from users on marketing. If you like the marketplace and are excited about buying and selling games for free, let other people know about it. Email some fellow gamers, post about it on facebook, contact a gaming site, just let them know what you like about the marketplace so far.

eBay charges a 10% fee and uses those fees to advertise eBay. You are basically paying them to advertise. We don't have fees so we can't afford to pay for ads, but we hope users will want to tell others about the site.

C) We monitor all listings and evict ones that are not allowed. We only allow NTSC games. So any imports we find we will remove.

We appreciate you trying the marketplace. We are working hard to make the marketplace a success. You can help by letting other people know about the marketplace.