Collections of specific game series regardless of console

Anonymous 6 months ago updated by sales 6 months ago 1

I have cut back on collecting in recent years, except for certain series that I really enjoy, such as Zelda, Tales, Silent Hill, etc. It would be nice to be able to, for example, see all of the Castlevania games in one list regardless of which console they are on. That way if a game I want came out on more than one system, then I could see which ones it's on and how each has held their value. Also, being able to see which one is the original version in cases of games being ported after release would be helpful.

We have something similar for that already.  If you search for the series you can see all the results and sort them by price or popularity or alphabetical.  You can also filter out by region and variant.

Here is an example:


You can also see which of those items are in your collection or wishlist already and which are not.

Does something like this do what you are wanting?