Make it possible to gather items together and add one price for the whole purchase,for when we buy multiple things in one deal.

Fayez Fawzi 10 months ago 0

I do such deals frequently,and some cant really be easily divided per item (a purchase of a system with games and accessories for x price for example),so putting the price for the whole haul makes far more sense :).

as for how to do that, you could have the "cost" column be widened a bit and, next to the amount paid figure, add a clickable "+ X more Items" that leads you to a page with all the items bought for that price.

so if i bought, for example, a system and 4 games and 2 extra controllers from someone for 50$, the price you see on any of them will be 50$ and right next to it would be "+ 6 more items" that you can click to see everything that you bought for this 50$.