New Cost feature does not work

Anonymous 9 months ago updated by sales 8 months ago 3

The prices set under it in the collections page do not seem to update when a new item is added.

For example:

If i have Super Mario Bros set at 5 dollars, then add Mario 2, Mario 1 will be set to 0, and Mario 2 will now be at 5.

Under review

Sorry for any problem.  So you enter $5 on one row.  Then add a new item.  And the old item no longer shows the correct price, but the new item shows that price instead?

Can you show me any screenshots of the process you follow?  That will help me duplicate this and fix it.

Sorry i took ao long to respond. yes that's how it was working, but it seems to have been fixed now.


Glad it is working.  Closing now.