Hello love this app dearly

Brandon 10 months ago updated by sales 10 months ago 1

Hi. I am new to this entire app still. I'm currently adding my small GBC console collection. I'm only finding three choices for colors. I added a pic of my GBC's. I don't see any color choices for quite a few? The green, pink, purple variants ect.  That's the only thing I've come across I feel like maybe could be changed?  Only if other people think it's a good idea though.  I realize a lot of the colors are only a couple of dollars off.  I still think it'd matter to serious collector's being able to add each GBC and its color variants.


Thanks for the kind words on the site..  Yes, we would like to have all the color options for Gameboy released in the USA.  Were green and pink and purple GBC released in the USA?

Please include urls to photos of those so I make sure I'm adding the right hardware.  Colors can be a bit tricky sometimes on hardware items.