Adding more ideas to your July 2019 survey

Anonymous 11 months ago 0

Price Charting is a great tool, but it's at a scale now where you could add a few more features:
1 - Consider adding your own buying/selling feature where buyers & sellers can transact at a lower fee than e-bay;

2 - Consider allowing users to add games (such as PAL) and game accessories to the database (or at least add as a selling feature) that are not already in the database; and

3 - Consider giving collectors/sellers options (i.e.--pull-down menus) to look at e-bay averages in different perspectives.  For example:

What if I choose to take out the highest and lowest e-bay sale price to see what the selling-price average would be then. This helps me to determine a fair offering bid from the buyer.  Or what if I wish to see e-bay sales within a certain date range.

All these options would allow collectors/sellers to determine what they consider to be the fairest bid or asking price.