Account age DECEPTION

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 5 years ago 4
Having SELLING accts listed as 3 years OLD member etc is ridiculous when selling on this site only started 2 days ago...THEY HAVE TWO DAYS EXPERIENCE that is it PERIOD...REMOVE THE LENGTH OF TIME SINCE THEY "joined" price charting it means Nothing and is Deceptive and unfair to new members.....THUMBS UP TO GET THAT REMOVED===FAIRNESS FOR ALL SELLERS
Yes I have seen some listings stating acct was even 6 years old ++++++what the hell is that???....,buying and selling just started a few days ago/////Before that it was just an info site so length of so called earlier memberships Means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING so remove that unfair advantage and deception as it implies those sellers/buyers have much more tenure/experience in this field and they DO NOT. ..... ... Remove previous and start all sellers and buyers dates as to when they joined the week of Oct 13 2015 forward
Under review
Thank you for your feedback. Users have been able to create accounts on our site for the last six years, not to participate in a marketplace but to do other things on our website. To reward long time users we count the date when they first started their account.

It works for reputation as well because they are people who have had an account for years, long before we even thought of a marketplace. Someone who created an account 6 years ago vs someone who created an account 1 hour ago, are very different in terms of the risk of transacting with them. We take that into account and let users know this as well.

But it will infer even more as time goes on that they have way more selling experience then they do...someone coming to this site down the road and sees 6 months vs 6 years????...come on that is ridiculous....and not at all fair to "new" sellers which EVERYONE IS ON THIS SITE....find another way to honor your previous clients like " former PC client" - or some other such comment /recognition that doesn't detract from others and offers a fair for all marketplace


Thanks for your thoughts. We are running some tests on the site using some of your suggestions. Not all users will see it, but we may remove the age distinction from the site altogether depending on the results.

Thanks again for your feedback.