Add the Qty sold per game per cat.(L,CIB & New) for the last 3-4 months.

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Knowing the price is no good unless you know if the game sells or not and that the sales are recent. 

The only way I know to  figure out qty and if the sales  recent or not is to look them up one game at a time.  Looking the qty up for each game extremely time consuming but very necessary.  With the price you only have half the story.  

For example, if a CIB game is listed in the price guide at $250 and I can pick it up for $50.00 I first have to look up the quantities that are selling for CIB and are they recent.  If there aren't any and no one wants the game I just wasted $50.00. 

Hope that makes sense.  This one enhancement will make a huge difference for the members of Price charting. Knowledge is power and by knowing the price and if the games sells or not gives us a big hand up over other sellers......Thanks Sam

We already provide the volume data fro every game and condition on the site.  Right under the price on each game page is a "Volume" data point.  It says something like "1 sale per day" or "5 sales per month" etc.

Is that the data you are referring to?

If so, would you like that data presenting in a different format or location like the CSV download?


Thanks for responding so quickly. In order to obtain the Volume Data Point right now you would have to take your downloaded Price Guide and type in each game 1 by 1 online to get the sales volume. This is what I am doing now and it is extremely time consuming. If we could purchase the volume for say the last 1-2 months for each category in our price guide it would save hundreds of hours trying to look them up game by game to see if the game is selling or not.

In addition, I don't know how the Volume Data Points are calculated on the online game page but in most cases they do not reflect what is happening currently. The only way I can get an accurate qty and accurate sales price is to drill down into the online game page and look up the qty for the last month or two. To get an accurate price of what the game is selling for today I look at the last 3-4 weeks of prices.

A game many have been very hot 3, 4, or 5 months ago and the hotter it is the higher the price goes. Those months most likely do not reflect the quantity that is selling in the last month or two. Most likely the prices during that time are high because it had had demand. This may not be the case today.

For example they may have sold hundreds and hundreds of games during those months for $150 a pop. But now its only selling 7 a month for $50.00. I run into this allot. I also see lots and lots of game in the Price Guide that have prices of 3 to 4 hundred dollars all the way up to thousands of dollars but when I look up the game online many times that games hasn't sold for a year or two.

Makes it very difficult to use the Price Guide as a gauge on whether to buy a game or not. Currently, you have to use the Price Guide in conjunction with the online data to obtain an accurate price and accurate quantities being sold currently. I know because I have burned hundreds of hours looking up individual games. If the download was adjusted to show the quantity for the last two months and say the average price for the last 3-4 weeks it would be much more accurate and useful and save the members allot of time.....Thanks

Thanks for letting me know.  I have started working on adding volume data to the price guide downloads.  I hope to have that ready sometime this month.  

You can vote for this issue on the site and ask for notifications too and when it is ready you will get an email with the notification.


Thank you