How are sellers shipping free for low value items?

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 3

While browsing the available games, I notice quite a few low value games with free shipping. For example a cartridge might be selling for $2.00 or $2.10 with free shipping included. As far as I'm aware, the cheapest shipping option available to the sellers is approximately $2.13 or thereabouts. Are the sellers just selling these items for the feedback? After the payment processing fee the sellers will be losing money on these sales. Or could it be a scam? Seems a waste of time, but are some of these scammers, if that is what they are, actually hoping to make a few quick $2 sales and run?

I don't know the motivation of all sellers. Looking at current feedback is probably the best way to tell. Someone with lots of feedback already should be fine. A new seller might be more suspect. But they could be trying to increase their feedback too.

A game disc can be shipped for $0.93 with the USPS if the mailer is smaller than 6" tall. Something like this:


It is possible these sellers are running a business and have set up some sort of business shipping with USPS, FedEx etc...allowing them to be able to ship certain items free without potentially losing money. I've given business shipping some thought myself, just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet, maybe someday!

That is very true. There are lots of mail processing companies that will give discounts on USPS shipments if you ship it bulk. UPS, DHL, and FedEx both provide services like that.

USPS is still cheapest for regular first class mail though. But packages shipped first class can be cheaper with other providers.