Make "In One Click" default to "Complete In Box" automatically

Huxley 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 2

It's quite possible that I'm missing something here, but I'm bulk-adding a TON of games right now, as best I can tell, when I look up a title, find it, and then click "+ Collection" > "In One Click" to add it to my collection, it seems to be defaulting to assuming that the game is "loose" (i.e., doesn't include the box or manual). I'm happy to report that most of my games are not loose, and so I'm having to go back into my collection after I've added a few dozen games to manually hit the checkmarks for "box" and "manual" to each game I've added. It works, but it's super tedious. 

If it's not already a feature I'm just somehow not seeing, could we please get an option to default to having newly-added games in our collections automatically include the game + box + manual, unless otherwise noted?

Thanks for all the amazing work on this site!


Thanks for the suggestion.  We don't have a default by condition that user can change.  That is a good idea.

I'll wait to see how popular this is before implementing.  In the mean time, you can import games to your collection with CIB as the condition and it might save you some time.


Good tip, thanks - I'll try that with my next batch of games. Also, thanks for acknowledging my idea! I'm such a big fan of this site already, and knowing that you're openly seeking and actively considering user feedback like this makes it even better. Thank you!