Omit Certain Users from Search

Anonymous 5 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

There are some users on the site *cough* JJGames *cough* who flood the site with a lot of games with relatively poor prices. They clutter the Marketplace and stand in the way of other sellers with their mass posting. If there was any way to omit users from a search, or even browsing through console categories, that would make the experience much better.


My biggest issue with some sellers are some post no pictures with their ad or if they do post pictures, they are upside down or sideways. Reflects poorly on the site and makes it look cheap. I'm sure it discourages buyers from making purchases (myself included) for all you might see for multiple 'new release' pages are postings with no image or lopsided images. Why would I even consider purchasing from a site with little to no professionalism? As far as JJGames are concerned, I believe they are the owners of this site. I agree there are some games listed, not just by JJ but others as well, which are ridiculously high priced. Their games will never, ever sell at the prices some have. All it does it congest the Marketplace and discourage buyers (again). There may be changes coming to encourage competitive prices, so we'll see what happens. If we are selling at Ebay prices or higher, we'll never get a foothold. No one in their right mind would shop here if there is no incentive to do so. I contacted a seller who had a game I wanted and requested he lower his price and I would immediately purchase (his game was at least $10 over market value). The reply I received was "We can't change our prices". I've seen some games on here $20 or more over market value. The greed has to stop.


Yes remove all jj games listed from site ! ! !