Mobile Augmented Reality Price App that uses Camera for Words/Picture recognition of Games

Anonymous 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

I'm not sure how complex this would be but it would be amazing and super helpful when out at garage sales and flea markets. Imagine someone has a box of games for sale and you can open up the app and hover your camera over the titles either by the top of the cartridges for name recognition (For bulk identification and values) or by the front of the games case for picture recognition (show price and possibly verify game isn't a repo). The app could then show you in real time the game/games value and have a link to click on that opens up price charting to verify the matching is correct. Users could also see relatively quickly if the carts picture matches or if it's a repo. It would operate similar to google translate but not as complex as recognizing words/grammar and trying to convert into another language. I believe anyone that can bring something like this to the market a lot of people would pay for it because I know I would.

Awesome idea.  The implementation would be really tricky for sure, but I can see lots of value to it.  I'll think about it more.  I've played around with image recognition stuff before but it is pretty tricky when there are multiple things in the photo and the game names are in different fonts.

If the game names are in different fonts the tool would just need to image recognize the top of the carts like NES for example. This could also be implemented into the ebay lot bot for all those lots where people don't list any of the titles in their auction. Even if it doesn't recognize every game it will still help a great deal.

TCGPLAYER app has this for magic cards and Pokémon cards it saves so much time would be awesome to have one for video games