Add ability to see which games in collection have recently increased/decreased in price

Scott H 1 year ago updated 11 months ago 3

It'd be awesome to be able to see a list of games in your collection that have have recently increased or decreased in price. I love logging in and seeing that my collection's value has increased, but it's a little frustrating that I can't see why that value is going up (or down). 

Perhaps the list could be could be sortable by biggest increase/biggest decrease as well? 

I like this idea but I think people would need to input exactly what they paid for the games. Otherwise there wouldn't be a starting point to tell where the games went up or down from. 

This was less intended for people to input the price they paid and more just to track PriceCharting's values over time for items in your collection. Though I agree it'd also be great to be able to input purchase price and track that over time :) . 

I just did a full writeup on a similar feature before I found yours. Ah well, I may post it anyway. We really need something like this, not just for seeing which games in a collection are on the rise, but catching games on our wish lists when they are either at a low point, or as they begin to climb (before a new ceiling is reached). It sucks when a game you have been after for a while gets increased popularity due to a youtube video or something, and then by the next month it's at a permanently higher price and you may have completely missed it. It's just not feasible to keep watch over every game's price chart multiple times per week, and would be made much easier if rapid changes in price were called to attention.