Separate PS4 and PSVR games

Anonymous 1 year ago updated by sales 1 year ago 3

When searching for PSVR games, they are listed under the PS4, with no easy way (that I can tell) to view them separately. It's easy to search for individual games, but very difficult to view them all together. While some might say that the PSVR is just a peripheral to the PS4, I would point to the Sega 32X and Sega CD. Both are peripherals that require a Sega Genesis to work, yet both have their own "sections" separate from the Genesis. Thoughts?


Good points.  Thank you.  I'm not quite ready to put them into their own category.  What would you think about making a search like "PSVR" bring up all of the supported  games?

I meant to post the reply to you, but didn't and can't find a way to delete the comment. Whoops!

It would definitely be a step in the right direction. I don't know the logistics behind implementing that kind of thing (like adding a "tag" to all PSVR games that was searchable), but the main thing is the ability to easily browse all of the physical PSVR games without having to know what you're searching for beforehand. Long-term, I do think putting it as its own section separate from PS4 would be preferable.


Thanks for your feedback.  I'll see how popular this request is before prioritizing.  It would take a bit of work any way we do it, but doing search support would be faster.  I'll have to prioritize this with the other requests from users.