Create a flag for games to be "greatest hits/player's choice" versions, or create different listings than the "black label" original printing of the game.

Anonymous 1 year ago updated by sales 1 year ago 1

Greatest hits versions look hugely different than the original printing (also called "black label") of the game.  They look different, they're less desirable to collectors, and therefore are usually cheaper than the black label version of the game.  

Not including the ability to differentiate greatest hits/player's choice from the black label editions of a game also distorts average price since the cheaper greatest hits sales lower the averages of the black label games. 

Which greatest hits games are missing?

We add those as different listings on our site because the values are quite different for some of them.  Here are the two links to the different Final Fantasy VII listings we have, black label and greatest hits.



You can see all greatest hits titles by searching "greatest hits".

Please let us know if a particular title is missing.