Add ability to sort by games of which you have duplicate copies

Anonymous 1 year ago updated 2 months ago 2

Agreed. When selling units, I'd like to know which ones I want to skim off and list. I've got over 600 units now on my shelf and it's getting hard to just eyeball it for duplicates. lol
Sorting by dupes would be awesome. 

Of course, it would have to be an intelligent sort, because I'd consider something like "Need for Speed Underground 2 (Xbox)" a "duplicate" of "Need for Speed Underground 2 (GameCube)."
Or at very least, consider a Greatest Hits/Player's Choice copy of a game to be a "duplicate" of the original, for purposes such as cataloging, buying, selling, etc.

I'm going to want to be able to see that I have the original release copy of a game before I sell off the Greatest Hits copies.

I would enjoy a feature where I could review any exact duplicate entries in my collection. For example, if I go to a gaming show, and I want to trade and sell anything I have duplicate copies of, I could use the filter or run the report, and know exactly which items I have in surplus to sell or Trade, then find only those items when needed. This could include games, or loose manuals/ boxes, and it would be nice to be able to only View duplicates buy a gaming console, or view all.