Option to Ignore Repeated Titles when Importing a Collection

peter.ramirez117 2 years ago 0

When populating my collection, I will sometimes import titles from multiple sources, with certain titles naturally overlapping between the different sources. For instance, if I were to import from Sources A, B and C, and if Game X were present in all three imports, Game X would show up three times in my collection even if I would only own one copy of the game. With a large collection of titles and some titles being repeated more than once, scrolling through them can become a bit cumbersome.

Although there would be a few possible ways to address this issue, I figure the simplest would be to offer the ability to ignore repeated titles when performing new imports, or perhaps even to include multiple options for doing so (ignore title and platform repeats, ignore title only repeats, etc). Another possibility would be to offer a sort option that would only show one instance of each unique title rather than every instance of them, though I figure this type of solution would have little benefit in general use cases.