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Analogue NT Mini and other FPGA consoles should be listed

Anonymous 2 years ago updated by tycarnus83183 2 months ago 2

I know that there are tons of clone consoles, but I feel that the higher quality FPGA consoles should at least be listed and tracked on this site considering that they're the newest and best alternatives to original hardware.

Please include the RetroUSB AVS Console, MVS, Analogue NT, Analogue NT Mini, and Analogue Super NT.

Under review

I'll see how popular this request is before adding these.  We don't generally track 3rd party hardware, but these are pretty valuable so if users want this added we will do it.

There are a lot of users that would upvote this if they knew the option to request it was already under review. The FGPA consoles are often better than the 1st party consoles. You might also consider some of the video processing hardware that has been released the past few years, such as the framemeister, OSSC, the GameCube video components (such as the Carby from Insurrection games).