Ebay Lot Calculator Domestic / International filter option

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 1

The Ebay Lot Calculator is already a very good tool. Just like the Sniper tool, it would be great if lots that do not ship to Canada could be filtered out with an additional Box to tick in the settings. that being said, It would also be nice to filter out international sellers in general, leaving the lots that are better deals in general due to no currency conversion, higher shipping fees and pesky tarriffs/duties,. This goes for people living in the states as well, as they don't want to see Canadian Lots that don't ship to the US, or may have tariffs attached. Please consider this filter option to an already very good Lot Tool.

In addition but not Necessary, it would be amazing if it notified us of the domestic sellers who do not ship internationally. meaning large domestic lots, and even single items would generally go for VERY good prices due to bidding only being available in the current country.