Adding Large item lists to the Lot calculator.

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2

As of right now, the Lot calculator is kind of useless, as it does not save any time or effort from entering each item into price charting. There is no incentive to buy the lot calculator, when you can just enter a giant list into the collection tracker, abbreviate the console next to it (usually the same anyways) and have an entire list generated in seconds, which can be cleared by going to the settings and "delete collection". Some items do not enter in due to spelling errors or incorrect keywords, which is where the lot calculator is nice to have a drop down menu. Currently, people are unable to paste an entire list of games into the lot calculator, as once the first game in the list has been selected, it deletes the rest of the list. Please allow people to paste entire item lists into the Lot calculator, making it quick to value game lots, and giving people a reason to buy the lot calculator.

Good feedback.  Thank you.  I'll look into something like that.  

Collection tracker doesn't give options for other price types like "gamestop" "marketplace buy" or "marketplace sell".  Most of our lot calculator subscribers are game stores.  That being said, if we can make the tool more useful for collectors and they would like to subscribe then I'll look into that option too.

Awesome thank you, it would be great for store owners who receive large game lists and would like to enter the items by console, helping them appraise collections in seconds for people who are in a rush