Other PriceCharting Sites (such as Film.PriceCharting.com) for collectors of other collections and the works.

Anonymous 4 years ago updated by Ahiru 2 years ago 1

I love Videogame.PriceCharting.com, mainly because of my love for video games and how easy and useful the site is. But I want to someday collect other things besides just video games. I know this probably won't come soon, or even ever, but it's just an idea after all.


unless they turn this into a subscription-based catalog/library (like many other out there), I don't think they would simply start out data-mining everything for everyone [for free]....

well, I'd pay a small fee to help on hosting and stuff, but I rather stay with a hassle-free catalog as it is, otherwise I'd be paying obnoxious amounts to other sites to do something I'd do in excel....