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Pricecharting has an excellent database, but it's not perfect. I've come across several items just in my collection that aren't available on the site, yet they're easy to find on eBay for price checking. The Master Gear for example is missing and I can't find a replace to recommend a new listing to track it. A quick way to suggest a missing item would be a great asset.



This tool is live for all users with contributor privileges.


After you use it, please give us any feedback to improve it.

This is a good idea.

that would be great as the items I either can't add to my collection or can't be more specific with are the black (original model) DS (they have the black ds lite and the black dsi) and the (original model size ram expansion pak for the original model DS)

I have a Game Boy game "Game & Watch Gallery 2" that is only listed as a Game Boy Color game-which it isn't. it would be nice and correct to list it as such.  Also I have a "Light Boy" battery-powered light adapter for the Game Boy that should be included as Game Boy hardware but is not listed at all.

I've added the Light Boy now:


Does you Game and Watch 2 look like this?


If so, it is the GBC version but it will work on a Gameboy too.  That is what the black cartridge means.

Sorry, that above post was mine - Did not log in first :-(

I've added Action Replay Max:


I didn't add the Advance Game Port.  We don’t tracking 3rd party controllers or accessories. There are tons of them and most are not very valuable.  I added the Action Replay because we have quite a few of those on the site already and they are pretty valuable for the GBA.

Shikhondo and Gundemoniums on PS4 are missing

Can you please add the Amiga CD32 to consoles?

That is a whole console and games that we have not added yet.  You can vote for that issue here:


Can you please add the Atari XE to consoles?

Atari XE games are included in the Atari 400/800 section on the website.  The console is included here:


Can you please add the Hello Kitty Dreamcast to consoles?

Can you please add the Neo Geo X to consoles?

Can you please add the Super Famicom to consoles?

Can you please add the HyperScan to consoles?


This tool is live for all users with contributor privileges.


After you use it, please give us any feedback to improve it.


The link doesn't seem to work.

Do you get an error message at all?  You have to have contributor status on the site in order to add a game so not all users will be able to use it.

I'm trying to add some Japanese variant consoles and games but do not know how. Also how to become "contributor" if I can't contribute by adding the items. Regards


sorry didn't know I wasn't logged in.


It looks like these are Japan only releases.  We don't track Japanese releases for those consoles yet so we can't add those to the site.  I noticed you add Wondermega already.  I'll be deleting that. 

When we add Japanese games and consoles for that system I can add these consoles too.

roger, I knew you weren't tracking them but I saw the Panasonic Q was being tracked so I took my chances. Lol. Thanks for the reply.

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