shipping canada

Tig 2 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 3

Not sure how large the Canadian customer base is on this site.  If it is material, I have a couple suggestions:

1. Listing approximate prices to ship from different regions of US to different regions of Canada.  

2. Laying it out so you could see approximate prices to ship different kinds of games... NES cart, NES CIB, etc (maybe just approximate weights would suffice)

I shipped a package to Canada and while this site was very helpful with the customs form and how to choose the most cost effective method depending on what you're shipping, I feel it may be a little outdated (but I could be wrong).  However, the USPS site is not helpful at all.  It says $10 to ship an item but my CIB NES game was almost $19.  I did my best to quote it out ahead and the buyer graciously kicked in more money for shipping but I had to cover more than what I expected shipping to be once I arrived at the post office.  

What was the item that you shipped?  

I definitely want to correct this.  We do vary the extra payment for international shipping based on the weight, but we might need to adjust this and maybe make this a bit more robust with weight capabilities for calculating the costs.

I sold my cib nes Super C on here this week and shipped it out yesterday.  Chicago to Montreal.  I chose the most cost effective shipping method... thanks to your site, I knew which choice to use.  I believe the nes cib was 8 oz and the box for the game perfectly. (Only mentioning in case the thought was “well what were the dimensions of the package”. Total was $18.60 and will arrive in 10 bus days. Please let me know if you need any other information or if I can help you guys in any way!

Thanks for this info.  I'll look into this to see what needs to be changed on our site for CIB shipping to Canada.