We need price charts on Original Insert Posters and Maps, etc

redmont 2 years ago updated 1 week ago 1

We have prices and charts on boxes, manuals, loose carts and CIB — BUT we have no prices on  the maps and posters and other inserts that ORIGINALLY came with many games which —for those games —are the diference between those three loose items and CIB. There is as much of a market for these map and poster inserts as there is for a loose game, box or manual so why no pricing for maps, posters and other original inserts? Lets face it —not that many games have been kept fully intact for the last 25 or 30 years. So in reality “CIB” games are mostly assembled after the fact from various parts purchased separately. These maps and posters are critical to that reassembling process and it is a handicap if we have no info on pricing for those essential components.

not only would pricing be very nice, but it would make pricecharting a very useful database for tracking what games had which inserts. there is currently no internet resource which offers this type of information.