Prices for Sega Saturn Japanese imports

algosystem 2 years ago updated by sales 1 year ago 5

Since the Saturn's Japanese library is so much larger than its American/PAL libraries, and since there are large price disparities by region, I would love to be able to track the prices of Japanese imports for the Saturn.

I'd love that!!!! My Saturn collection is basically Japanese games...

Yes please! Some are here and some are not but it would be so nice to have some of my more expensive ones listed and saved in my e-collection

As somebody who is looking to expand their Saturn collection and is mostly interested in import titles, this would be really useful for me.
Also, considering the sheer number of Saturn games that have not come to other territories, it would be useful for users tracking their collections as well.


This is in process now.  We have a complete list on the site and we are gathering price data now.