A Way to Select Specific Titles to Alert

Redew 2 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 4

It would be nice to include specific games for alerts instead of waiting for yours to pop up. Being able to put "Mega Man" or "Pokemon" on alert would greatly aid in hunts. 

If this has been suggested before, I apologize. I looked to see if anyone suggested it and I'm either not the best at looking or no one has suggested it.

Do you think something like a wishlist would work for this?  You would select games that you want to get and then we would notify you about those games when they come up for sale or something like that.

How would you prefer these kinds of alerts?  Via email?  Via desktop notification?  etc

Would you want to be notified whenever one comes up for sale?  Or only on ones listed below a certain price?

My apologies. I was so excited that I found a way to suggest an item and so nervous to do so that I forgot to elaborate.

I love the eBay Sniper app. I keep it open when I am on my computer (which I use for most everything, so it's open a lot). It's helped me grab some good deals on games. While I like the Wishlist idea, I would like there to also be a way to set alerts for specific games while on the eBay Sniper app. It would only alert to the games I want (if selected). 

The alerts would be desktop notification (if you chose to do so). 

(But if a Wishlist is also in the works, an email would also be nice along with a desktop notification.)

Basically for my suggestion:

- It works the same as the eBay sniper app

- Set specific games to pop up instead of all for a specific console(s)

- Alerts for the same requirements of the normal app as it currently stands

I played around with the HTML and made this quick mockup (it was a quick edit):


There would also be an option at the end of the game name to remove it if wanted. I know this isn't super concise and I'm not sure if you like the style, but something along these lines could work. 

I can provide more info if needed. Thanks for replying!

edit: wording

edit2: added more clarificatiions

edit3: edited HTML a bit more, updated screenshots

I think I have met max edit limit? Anyway the link is wrong. My bad. I'm very particular with the placing of the <divs>


Thanks for this mockup.  That is helpful to see what you have in mind.  I'll have to think about this implementation and how it would work with the backend.