Don't accept BEST OFFER PRICES into your equation

Anonymous 2 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 1

Please don't accept BEST OFFER PRICES into your equation. It's not accurately depicting the prices of games. Best offer only shows the asking price not the lower accepted price. If it's $199.99 or best offer and it sells for $150 it'll show up at $199.99 on eBay and PC. Not $150. I say if it's a best offer on the sale to not include those please.  I like using PC but that is screwing the prices up. Same with cib listings many times falling into the loose category again making loose games higher then they should. Many game stores locally in my area use PC as a pricing tool and even they are thinking about not anymore bc of the complaints from customers.  Anyways food for thought. It's a great webpage and tool for collectors and store owners but this would help with making it more accurate. 

Thanks for this feedback.  As a rule we do not include any best offer listings in our price data because eBay does not display the final price, only the original offered price.

That being said, sometimes eBay does not indicate to us if a listing was best offer or not.  In those cases we have no way of knowing if the listing was best offer or not.

When we communicate with eBay they reply with computer language to our servers.  Something like this:


If this is left off or false, we assume the listing ended with a regular sale for the listed price.

If you know of a specific listing that ended with a best offer, please let us know so we can adjust that price.