UPC Code Reader

David 2 years ago updated by sales 2 years ago 1

I think it would be very ideal if you had a application for your Gaming website or even online that say someone could log onto and a quicker and easier way to punch in the upc code for all the games that they have available we can Simply flip over and scan the back of the barcode. I also think that it would be very helpful if you were to remove the game Pictures down this way people can take Individual PICTURES of the items in which case they say they have this way we truly can see how messed up or well taken care of there Video Games Are cause people lie... I also think it would be great if you could separate into a column The type of Video Game we have with maybe the price of the games current value this way if i want to print out the titles and game Pictures of everything with the price I can and I can post it on say Craigslist or OfferUp for when I'm selling my games or if you can even have ii save the game TITLES UPC CODES NAMES IF THEY HAVE THE CASE AND GAME MANUAL INCLUDED LIKE A EXCELL DOCUMENT PDF THIS WAY SAY FOR EXAMPLE WITH A UPC CODE READER I CAN SCAN IT INTO MY INVENTORY AND IF I SHOULD SELL IT IT I CAN CLICK ON A TAB TO EARSE ALL THAT I SCAN As Sold they will earse this wonderful opportunity would be great and very cool I think don't you...

Our site does work with UPC readers.  You can find an article about it here:


We strongly encourage all users to use actual photos of their games when making a listing instead of using cover art.  But we do provide the cover art option too.