Add Switch Japan Imports that are in English

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 11 months ago 1

The Switch is region free, and in a disturbingly increasing trend, the only retail versions of some games are from Japan.  I am Setsuna and Bayonetta 1 are only retail in Japan, but have full English versions!  But there is as yet no entries for these games.  Sadly, this will likely only become more common in the future, so I think it is an important thing to add!  Also, you don't even have to do prices, at least initially.  Just give us the option to add them to our collection.  I've noticed quite a few things that have no price but still let you add them.  Thanks!

This is a great idea. With the large number of multi-language Japan and Asia releases, especially those targeting the import market (where's Super Robot Wars T?), this is overdue as a feature for Switch collectors.