up and down green and red arrows to indicate value changes to games in a collection or seller listing.

Norman 2 years ago updated 5 months ago 6

This would help a collector quickly track which games on their collection page are increasing or decreasing in value. Would be good to add to a sellers listing as well.


I'm pretty new to the site and this is the 1 thing I've wished for since I started building up my collection.  


Right on, it sure would be helpful even to gauge what to add to our collections.


I hope for this every day 


common... this would be so easy to add.. and it's been long enough... 

A valuable tool for any collection 

I for one, like to know what's in my collection that's losing, or gaining value 

This is a good feature request, but how long do you want this evaluation?


Not sure what you mean by how long. Just 2 arrows, green up, red down say on changes in increments of one dollar?

Open to suggestions.