Add Complete Coverage on PAL Games

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Add PAL games for all mainj consoles (SEGA, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox)

Under review

Thanks for this suggestion.  We are working to add more PAL support.  We just recently added PAL PS2 games.

The speed we add them will depend largerly on how much they are used.  Right now the PAL pages are not very popular with users.  The more users we have the more we can prioritize these PAL additions.


Its because not many even know about this Page (at least those who live in PAL territories). And those who do know only see that those Prices are the NTSC Prices and just go away because it is not relevant for them. If you would fully Support all PAL Games then they will come and they will use this Page more often.


Thank you for this feedback.  We will work to add more PAL support on more consoles.


We have just started to pass this site around sound of the UK collectors, most of us where under the impression that it was US only!

Great having the PAL stuff on here.

Thanks for spreading the word.  We are working to add more and more PAL coverage.  The more users we get to those consoles, the faster we can add them because it helps us see how popular they are with users.


Saturn PAL games please!


I've made a feature request to add this.  I don't know when it will be added, but hopefully soon.


I feel like this is a must have especially for Xbox 360 and Xbox One games since some games have separate achievement lists for different regions. (e.g. Japanese Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GotY, Australian Saints Row IV, Japanese Borderlands, etc.). That, when combined with the feature of no region restrictions on Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games played on an Xbox One, has created a whole new market for foreign Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Just look at the price difference between A Japanese copy of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GotY compared to an NTSC copy:

NTSC Copy $7.90 USD

compared to
Japanese Copy $40.06 USD


We're working on PAL Wii and PAL PSP now.  Then plan to add PAL PS4 and hopefully  the PAL Xbox games soon after.  Thanks for the feedback.


Great Website, But i 2nd PAL Sega Saturn and Also PAL Dreamcast need to be added. I never used this site for along time assuming it was only for US games, But i can now see your adding PAL and have just uploaded a 3rd of my collection. The rest will get done when those others are added.

Great to know.  Thank you.  I'm in the middle of adding Xbox and Xbox 360 PAL support.  I'll work on Saturn and Dreamcast support after those.

Site is still missing some european Limited Editions, like the majora's mask 3d or A link between worlds ones.

And it misses games like Golden Sun for GBA PAL. Even the European limited edition for breath of the wild is missing.

Zelda Skyward Sword [controller bundle] PAL Wii still missing its price, says N/A

I've manually added some sales data for that game now.  Should show up on the site within 24 hours.

One game I noticed is missing is the PAL version of the SEGA GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future Combo release.

Also in general a lot of prices seem off, when PAL version's prices are listed, are they based off that specific region's stores? (like EU Amazon sites, ebay.co.uk) etc?

Same user, found the PAL Xbox version of Def Jam Fight For NY is also not listed, is there a way to request games? (also is there a way to submit cover art or correct cover art, for example Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 PAL PS1 (which is listed as "Tony Hawk 2) has the box art for the PS1 version of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3)

I've fixed the Tony Hawk 2 cover art issue.

Def Jam is here:  https://www.pricecharting.com/game/pal-xbox/def-jam-fight-for-ny

Some users are allowed to add missing items.  Any user can email us with missing games and we will add them.

The prices are based on sales from PAL regions.  ebay.uk ebay.de ebay.fr etc

Please let me know which ones you think are priced incorrectly and I'll look into it.

Thanks for adding these PAL games, it's really appreciated!

Some platforms I'd like to see PAL versions for are Wii U, 3DS, Switch and Xbox One