Add MSX Games

Anonymous 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 4

Please add MSX games.  It was very popular in Europe and Japan and the games are quite rare and valuable.

Hello. thought i would explain a bit more about why i believe the MSX would be great to track here.the MSX was EXTREMELY popular in both Europe and japan,it used cartridges(had two cartridge slots in fact),and some of the greatest developers of all time(Konami,Square,etc) made tons of great games for it,and some of the greatest games series of all time(Metal Gear, Castlevania, Bomberman,etc)started there,not to mention that the majority of its games are valuable and worth good money these days,so it would be wonderful if it could be added :)

i would like to add that the "Games are quite rare"part isnt that correct as a general statement. they are certainly rare in the US,but not in Europe or Japan(except for a few legit rare ones ofcourse). the valuable ones are quite valuable though. for example,i have seen my CIB MSX copy of king's knight(first game square ever made)go for over a 100 dollars regularly.

also,the system was really popular in the middle east too.

also,you actually have two generations of the hardware,the MSX and the MSX2

also,if you can trck the different MSX models then great. if not then no issue. the games are what matters the most after all :)

would love to see it get added,as i have many MSX systems!