Could you do this for other collectibles: coins, paper money, tokens, medals. There is definite demand out there! At present I am paying US$100 per year for price information on foreign paper money.

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There is no one site with all pricing information for auction/ebay results for numismatic items.

Short answer is yes.  It would be possible for coins and paper money.  Maybe others too.

Can you give me some insights into the coin market?  Are there other sites that provide coin prices for free?  Do people buy and sell lots of coins on ebay?


the coin and banknote market, there is a variety of larger and smaller
auction houses that hold auctions several times a year. All of these
companies make their catalogues available on the internet and most make
their prices realized lists available as well.

present no consolidated websites offer a free long-term search engine
for prices. The major coin auction houses provided archive data, for
free, to their subscribers. Subscriptions are free.

archive that I use and pay for provides data - Track and Price - for
both World & Paper Currency. Most of the data, except Ebay price
info which is not that useful anyway, I could find on the respective
auction company websites but it is worth it for me to pay US$100+ to
renew my service because I can sort by grade (condition MS70 down), date
(recent), price (high to low).


Maybe you can get Sandy Bashover to sell his service to you so you don't have to build the whole thing from scratch.

money and Coins are graded on a scale of 1-70. These are then graded by
US graded companies such as PCGS or PMG. Grading costs a minimum of
US$30 incl. postage per item plus time and effort in submitting

results are useful for PMG graded items. Less so for 'non-graded'
because determining condition is entirely subjective when one is dealing
with unknown sellers and some large sellers tend to over-grade.

of this software have to be involved in societies such as International
Bank Note Society (IBNS) and American Numismatic Association (ANA) at
the very least to form connections to the industry. Also necessary in
order to introduce and popularize your service.

Otherwise I think your website is light years better than anything available - as far as I know - in my industry/hobby.


like this blog is worth mucho! In my field, many people tend to play
their cards pretty close to their chest. This is a shame since sharing
info breathes oxygen into a field, which in the "West" at least, appears
to be infested with greedy old curmudgeons that are wondering why it is
getting more difficult to make a buck in the business.

But I digress.


that there are over 650,000 listings of world paper money for
sale/auction on Ebay USA at this very moment. 100,000s more are on other
Ebay sites. 100,000s more are on sites maintained by Ebay's
competitors. Most items sold are common junk and/or low grades.

brings me to what I would advise as an arbitrary minimum value of US$10
listing value and LV = little value ascribed to items under US$10. It
is just too much work to value lower items individually which tend to be
dealt in bulk.

appreciate that this is something that you do for your Video Game
Collecting website for Ebay lots. Certainly would be valuable for Ebay
but some of my best lots I obtained from Ebay purchases where the items
was either not correctly described or I saw something in the corner of a
bad scan...

Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Please provide me with your name to have a more personalized discussion.

Paul Neumann

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Short answer is yes.  It would be possible for coins and paper money.  Maybe others too.

Can you give me some insights into the coin market?  Are there other sites that provide coin prices for free?  Do people buy and sell lots of coins on ebay?
Regards, The Pricecharting Team
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Great reply.  Thank you Paul.

I'll look into the coin market more to see what I can tell about the feasibility of this.  I used to collect coins when I was a kid, I asked for coins for birthday and Christmas every year for 3-4 years.  It might be fun to jump back into that market again.

I'll keep you posted on any developments.