i wants tout be paids and i wants to pay with crédit card or other things than PayPal.

martin 3 years ago 0

i thinks PayPal stops the business sur Price charting i thinks that we must pay by echeck or moneybank transfer or interact can be must safe than PayPal.they suck with the money of our clients.and the market of gaming is average 18- 35 Old.the best is to pay with prepaid Visa or MasterCard.like that we can adds our banking number without fee.and opening a special account for Price charting.we must adds a exchange market of games to powering the systems and adds a point system of rewards to gives many games and the invest of 100$ in à jackpot for 10% of the making cash .exemple you sell à lot at 1000$ and sell it .100$ goes immidiately to the devellopment and salaries of Price charting .à agency private will place the money in your account at pricecharting and we will close PayPal for a bail.the bank of thé website will pay the Price listing with à Big sponsor like Ubisoft or Sega and Nintendo too..the loosing price is paids by pricecharting automaticly and the games are in sale at regular prices ans newest prices is paids after the system..pricecharting will takes 1-12 months tout buy or sell and they can have their Big prices on each loose.the buying of newest Price  by a member gives money to all!!the cartridge is sold out and the annexe gives that pricecharting have their proper invest.we must pay and be paids by crédit card and i thinks that a credit card can be a good sponsor for opening a account and a demands of crédit at 1400$ minimum is offered to members.with pricecharting.if we have 2200 clients with a automatic accept of credit each weeks the gold era begins.mdg direct run with 24% loan of 1400$ that is paids 2 Times à month at 40$ bimonthly for 36 months.the balance is your sale at personnal account that je linked to bank.and the loan of 1400$ to start and having fun.if you buy a switch at 600$ cash.the other sales of switch will be 1000$ on crédit union.and a each cartridge at prices.