Allow tracking for homebrew games

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by Ahiru 2 years ago 2

Lots of "homebrew" developers have given older consoles an afterlife by developing and releasing games through web sites such as AtariAge.com long after the platform was officially withdrawn from the market.  I would love to be able to add my homebrew collection to my pricecharting profile.  While these releases are more difficult to track, that makes it all the more important and useful to have them registered with Pricecharting.


I foresee a number of problems with this: 

1) This could be used by developers to essentially print money by producing "rare" homebrews for years to come. 

2) This could be used by developers to rip off collectors by creating more copies of a collectible homebrew that becomes expensive. For example, a really good homebrew is being bought/sold for $1000+; so the developer decides to manufacture a few more, just to pay the bills. This would be equivalent to Bandai saying, today, they're going to produce more copies of Stadium Events for the NES. How would owners of Stadium Events feel? Probably pretty pissed. What's preventing Bandai from doing this? It's copyright infringement; they can produce Stadium Events, but not for the NES (Nintendo has copyright to the NES cartridge and prohibits this). 

The same logic applies to why reproductions shouldn't have a value on a website that provides prices to collectors (except reproductions are copyright infringement x 2). 

it's funny because there's Pier Solar (homebrew) listed in the Genesis games, but I don't see others like Flappy or Zippy the Porcupine for the Atari 2600 - either add (at least) the most famous homebrews (like Watermelon's, AtariAge's) or remove them altogether