Button to change collection item from game only to CIB

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 1

I imported my collection of mostly CIB items (4000 games) and it's quite a pain to go and manually mark each item as CIB.

A fast method of changing from loose to complete would be appreciated. A single button on each item to convert or a check box to affect every selected item. Or even just a quick edit on the collection screen allowing quick edits of strictly game, box, manual.


Thanks for this suggestion. I've made a note to add something like this in the near future so the "change to CIB" process is faster for users.

We just changed our import tool to allow you to add "CIB" to the end of any line and it will import that item in complete condition. I'll be working on a tool to delete your entire collection too. So in the very near future there will be an option for you to start over with your import and get them all "CIB" automatically.

I'll update this issue when deletion tool is available.