variation submitions

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by Fayez Fawzi 3 years ago 6

some things have drasticly different prices in their variations, for example resident evil 1 longbox and jewelcase versions, we need a place to submit things unlisted

that would be great :)

For now, please email any missing variations to us and we will add them.

What email should we use?and does this apply to missing variations in consoles too?(for example,there are big differences both in design and in price between the 4 3DO models,yet you have them as the same console)

also,here is another variation: backyard wrestling 2 had a  pre order exclusive  BYW2 Collector's DVD and a Best Buy first run exclusive Music and Mayhem 2 DVD. both variations should be added IMO


Please email individual variations to email address on our contact us page.

We can try to add console variations, but they need to have a common name that differentiates them.  Often times that works, but model number variations don't work well because most sellers don't include model numbers in their listings.

Feel free to email all variation suggestions and I'll let you know if we can add them or not.  We can't respond to specific variation suggestions in this thread so it keeps it on topic.

ok. sent an email with the two i mentioned :)