When clicking back, after checking on an auction, take me back to where I have scrolled. Not to the top of the previous page.

Adamray10 4 years ago updated by sales 4 years ago 1

Whenever I am scrolling through the different lots and I see one that I am interested in, I click to check it out. When I am done, I click the back arrow and it takes me to the top of the page instead of to the place I was while scrolling. If possible, I would love to have this feature added. Thanks!

Thank you for this suggestion. I'll need to look into the feasibility of this. You might want to Ctrl+click on the listings instead of clicking like normal (or right click and choose open in a new tab). This opens the link in a new tab and when you close the tab, you are still in the exact same place on the original page.

I probably do this 100 times per day on the various websites I go to.