Turbografx-16 price discrepencies -- CIB or very CIB?

Tig 3 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 3

There's an issue with TG16 CIB prices. Some CIB listing include the outer box and other includes simply the card, manual, cd case. The price can vary greatly depending on if the outer box is included. I don't know if there is a way to add an additional category for this system in particular but it would greatly increase the accuracy of the historical pricing trends.

PS Im just trying to get in front of this before Kanye's new album drops. hahaha (can you believe that??)

Thanks for this feedback. I'll have to look into this to see if there is a way we can differentiate CIB from really CIB for TG16.

Regarding Kanye, I saw that and thought it was pretty funny/cool. I didn't know he was a niche retro gaming fan.

I think the jury is still out if he is. Personally, I think it simply sounds a lot cooler to say Turbografx was the best system back in the day. Was it really the best system? No, definitely not. I remember pondering back and forth as a kid as to what system to ask for that Christmas (if I was even lucky enough to get either). That is, Genesis or TG16... no SNES in that list b/c for those who don't remember or were around at that time, SNES was still about 1.5 years from launch at that time. After a lot of research reading through Gamepros and other gaming mags I landed on Genesis which fortunately, I ended up receiving a gift. Several months later I played the TG at a friends house and knew immediately that I had made the right choice with Sega. I enjoy TG today but back then, it was the inferior console for good reason... slightly more expensive, everything a la carte, lack of game choices, bad cover art really hurt marketability, the hu-cards in a cd case simply felt cheaper vs a robust Genesis case with better game choices through better licensing agreements, the list goes on.

I played a TG at a friends house back in the day and enjoyed it, but it was definitely not better than Genesis. I was a really big Genesis fanboy when I was a kid, but after all these years I've realized SNES had more games that I would have enjoyed if I'd just kept my fanboy nature at bay. Now I try to be console agnostic and just enjoy the games.