Under review

Enable a "report" button in eBay Game Sniper results to point out listings that were mismatched to a title.

Anonymous 3 years ago updated by sales 3 years ago 1

There are a lot of results in the eBay Game Sniper tool that are incorrectly matched. For example, a listing explicitly stating it's for the Xbox 360 version of a game being matched to the Xbox One version in the tool. Listings for demo discs and loose manuals are also often matched as the actual game. If refinement of the tool is planned in the future, it might be beneficial to start compiling a database of matches flagged as incorrect, which we could add to by using a "report" button.

Under review

Thank you for this suggestion. We are always working to clean up these results so users don't see those kinds of listings at all. That will be our first goal.

I like the idea of having a "report" button though so the ones that do slip through are quickly removed.